Cancer Surgery

It is an operation or a procedure to remove a tumor and near by tissue containing
Cancer cells
It is done to remove the cancer tissue out from the body
What other types of treatment can used to treat cancer ?
Radiation – to kill the cancer cells inside the body ( visible tumor)
Chemotherapy – to kill cancer cells inside the body ( invisble tumor )
To diagnose cancer
To cure cancer
To prevent cancer
Palliative – supportive cancer surgery
Curative surgery
Preventive surgery
Diagnostic surgery
Staging surgery
Debulking surgery
Palliative surgery
Supportive surgery
Restorative surgery
Microscopically controlled surgery

Robotic Surgery

Any one diagnosed with early cancer who are willing for a better surgery with minimal hospitalisation
The high surgical cost is compensated by the less hospitalisation cost and better recovery Its also insurance covered
Yes , in the hands of a trained surgeon and team.
Success rate : 94-100%

Aprox 15% surgeries done annually

There is an increased trend of adoption of robotic surgeries in india.
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